Animal cake for horses

Animal cake

Give your animal friend a true gift from the heart. A gift into which you invest not only a little bit of your time but also a part of yourself.

Animal Cake for horses is a 100% natural cake mix which combined with boiling water transforms into a tasty basic solid cake base. Then it’s up to your imagination to decorate this exclusive treat to appeal to your eye and to your horses’ taste buds.

Animal Cake

How to prepare the cake at home?
In three easy steps!

Use your imagination to create an exceptional cake with your own decorations. The cake base is provided by Animal Cake so you can already try to come up with ideas for the final look of this special treat.

1. Combine the mix with boiling water,
2. return the mash into its original container or any other mold and let it cool down,
3. empty the resulting cake base on a surface and decorate.

Animal Cake
I want this!


pectin, barley, dried pressed apple pieces, pea flakes, corn, safflower seeds, wheat bran, oats, wheat, flaxseed, expeller-processed flaxseed meal, molasses, soybean oil

Weight:  440 g 

Give your horse a true gift from the heart!