Horse Treats

Animal Cake 

A special treat for your horse. A unique, tasty, and healthy cake from Animal Cake

Animal Cake

Cake mix for horses

Give your horse a true gift fromt the heart!
Animal Cake is a delicious cake mix.
Just combine with boiling water and  cool down in the fridge in the shape of your choice.

Share joyful, happy and beautiful moments with your horse!

I want this!

How to make the cake

Cake mix for horse

Animal Cake, a cake mix for horses, is a 100% natural treat which gives the moment of reward a whole new dimension. Combine the cake mix with 600 - 700 ml of boiling water and let it cool down to get the basic solid cake base. The box in which Animal Cake is sold can be used as a cake form but customers can also create their own shapes – a heart, a square, a horseshoe, etc. When the cake is solid and removed from form, it’s up to the customer to put the last finishing touches and give it a unique look. 

Animal Cake

Cake for horses

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